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A lot of people tend to associate the word indie music with the Rock genre. The truth of the matter is that the genre pushed the D.I.Y approach to music forward. Now the word indie represents a business model for people who tend to be seen as rebellious because they don’t want their music to be owned by major corporations. For over 40 years major record labels had total dominance of the music indusrty with total control over mainstream music. In recent years indie music also know as independent music has managed to hit the mainstream like never before. It was in the 70’s when the countercultural movement changed the way the music was made forever. The 70’s was a very important time for music as it was the period of time where a lot of bands started to put out their own records without a record deal. 

Punk music was essentially the first genre to embrace the D.I.Y aesthetic. In 1976, The Buzzcocks a Punk Rock band from Bolton in Manchester (know for songs like 'Ever Fall in Love' & 'Harmony in My Head') decided to make and record their own EP after doing some research and acquiring knowledge on everything needed into making a successful record. ‘Spiral Scratch’ was the name of the record, which in turn change a lot of things for the music business and musicians.

The D.I.Y approach to music nowadays seems like a very popular choice for musicians and artists around the world (Both underground and popular acts). Artist like Skepta, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Little Simz and Stormzy (just to name a few) are some of the artist that are currently embracing the D.I.Y route and successfully doing so. This brings hope to a lot of Independent artist and musicians all over the world. 

Artist and musicians are not the only ones using independent means to reach their fans and target audience to gain more of a following in order to sell records and sell out shows. Independent records labels are doing so too. As years go by lots of independent labels seem to be popping up due to success reached by other indie labels such as Stones Throw Records, Sub Pop Records, Matador Records, 4AD, Mad Decent and XL Recordings.

For decades major record labels have been using a successful formulas that ensure that the majority of their artist sell records and end up on the charts or sell out shows.Their formulas essentially are there for their artist to gain new fans. On the other hand indie labels are constantly looking for new ways of reaching their potential new customers by looking into new ways of distribution. 

Throughout this blog I will be discussing the independent music scene and new ways that indie labels and musicians are drawing to to distribute their music to gain a wider audience and to sell records or guarantee song/album streams. 

- M.M

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